Life in Burradoo, NSW

By MountGrace

Glasgow in Burradoo

Today has had a distinctly Glaswegian theme. This morning, when reading one of elgodave's  recent blips, I learned about an online lecture available on the University Of Glasgow's website given by Professor Sir John Curtice. The lecture is an analysis of the results of the recent election in Scotland. It is titled 'What happened - and what might happen next'. Even though we are a long way away we have great interest in Scotland. Through Dr Google I was able to see that we can watch/listen to the lecture at our leisure and will do so over the coming week.

Totally unrelated to that, two days ago, thanks to a birthday, a source of much enjoyment came to live in our house. We have lived for some time without a CD player. We have many CDs which have lain dormant. We could have played them through our DVD recorder but it's a fiddle and not easy for those with less flexible backs. So - now the house is filled with music. One of my favourite foot-tapping CDs came home with us from Glasgow in 2011. On our very first day in Glasgow, on the day after our flight from Sydney, we walked down Buchanan Street and were stopped in our tracks by pulsating drums and pipes music being played live by Clanadonia. They were absolutely fantastic. We stayed for ages watching and listening to them. We bought a CD from them and have loved listening to it many, many times (see extra). Today I was looking through our CDs and found it. It went straight into the player and the feet starting tapping. I was right back in Glasgow.

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