Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Loch Scridain

We haven't travelled anywhere today but there's been plenty to see right here. There are lots of little birds flitting about the garden and I was thrilled to see a Great Northern Diver in the little bay over the road. He was a job to photograph because they stay down for so long and come up a long way from where they dive. My image has been supersized withe the enhance feature in photoshop and cropped quite hard but I'm pleased with it. He's in as an extra.

My main blip is a view from the rocks this morning whilst the loch was very calm. A breeze came in later and chopped the water up but it's been lovely with blue sky reflecting nicely on the water. I was patrolling the beach at low tide looking for otters but they've eluded me today.

Many thanks for all the presents you've been bestowing on my recent pictures. The internet is very poor here so it takes a long time to bring your images up to comment so apologies for any lack of participation. I do appreciate all your comments.

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