a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Dark they were, and golden eyed

Tiny Tuesday: Red Damsel

I've not been far today.  The weather mitigates against going too far, gloriously sunny for a bit and then sudden torrential downpours, I am not exaggerating with my use of the word torrential. 

Fortunately the little pond is now producing a reasonable crop of newly emerged damsels to entrance me.  I actually watched a nymph crawl out of the water and find a good place to dry off.  I didn't even try to take a photo as I didn't want to scare it off with the flash, which would probably be most unwelcome even with the large diffusers I am now using.  Its bad enough having to worry about the crow.

Speaking of which I managed to catch the crow on his trip for a little snackerel of damselfly as I chose the moment that he was eyeing up a newly emerged adult to hang out the washing this morning. The crow flew off to a suitable vantage point in the garden, and turned its back to me as if I was an irrelevance hardly worthy of its notice, while all the while keeping  a beady eye on me.  When it was clear that I was going to be busy for a while he flew off in search of an easier snack.  As for the washing, it didn't manage to stay out long, I was racing to bring it back in again only half an hour later when the next torrent fell from the sky. 

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