By Barking

Praying mantis on yellow

We've had a challenging day. Last Saturday, Little Miss' best friend's mum died. She's been battling with cancer for nigh on four years and this weekend, finally, she lost.

Today was her funeral. MrB and I took Little Miss and her friend, BL. They were a great comfort for MJ and helped her smile a little, despite the sadness of the day. We adults just talked small talk for a couple of hours while the girls did what they had to do. Little Miss is exhausted tonight; I can only image how MJ, her brothers and dad must be feeling. It's just so sad.

When we got home, Abe and I took the camera around the garden to see if we could find any bugs. I spotted this cutie in a yellow bush. Lots of warmth in this photo; it's been a beautiful day, weather wise. 

Later on, MrB and I took Abe to the Wetlands. I think we'll all be going to bed early tonight; emotion does that you, I guess.

Rest In Peace, Sue xxx


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