Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Brancaster Beach

I had a much better sleep last night, and so did Xena. I only woke up at 6.30am when Gavin was up getting ready to go play golf. Gavin and Adam left for golf, Luke was already up studying and getting ready for his next day of virtual college, Meriel was preparing for her work exam, so after breakfast Pip, Xena and I went for a walk to Brancaster beach. This time we walked in the marshland in front of the beach and we saw so much birdlife and then even found some seals lazing on the shore of the creek.

We got back home in time for lunch - Gavin went to the Crab Hut in Brancaster Staithe as the everyone wanted crab sandwiches - I got some crayfish and made my own gluten free sandwich, and Meriel and cooked a vegan stew. 

After lunch Gavin had work meetings so he disappeared into the world of zoom, and so I went back to the marshlands and beach to take photos, this time with my long lens. I was hoping to get some bird photos but after carrying around my very heavy long lens for about an hour I realised I am pretty useless at bird photography! I did see a little reed bunting and many species of geese with goslings, but if you cannot get a decent bird photo that is up close and well focused its not worth keeping. I also tried to photograph the seals but there isn't anything interesting about motionless seals basking in the sun. I got some photos of the seals swimming in the creek but they were too far away to be any good. Instead I went to the beach and enjoyed taking seascapes - I took some successful ICMs, I also tried some long exposures but I did not really like the result. This scene appealed to me because of the incredible clouds. 

I am really enjoying Norfolk, I can see that I will not have time to do half of what I planned to see and do - so another trip will be required! The people are all so friendly too, and the beaches are just stunning. We have also been lucky with the weather as it has been sunny every day.

Tonight is our last supper all together, as Adam and Pip drive back to Cambridge after dinner tonight as Adam has meetings with a scientist who has come in from Holland to demonstrate some technical new equipment that Adam will be using in the lab.

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