By RavensRoost

Taking Turns

Bella and I had a fun, damp, time hanging out under the gazebo today. I took some photos of her and then she said, "I want to take a picture". I gave her the phone and away she went...One extra is her first portrait...of me! 

I've been enjoying gardening this spring and have a myriad of flowers, and even a few tomatoes on the deck. The second extra also by Bella, is of a petunia.

Our weather was unseasonably warm for several days, and although it is back to showers and sun breaks, it's too little precipitation and too late in the year. Oregon is experiencing a drought. Much of the state is listed as "severe", with significant portions, listed as "extreme". 

I read a recent article in The New Yorker, titled: "The International Energy Agency Issues a Landmark Statement About Fossil Fuels". The agency's recent report included this sentence written in headline size type, “There is no need for investment in new fossil fuel supply in our net-zero pathway." 

In the article written by Bill McKibbon, he stated that in 1988, a NASA scientist told the US Congress that climate change was underway. How little we have done to address this crisis in 30+ years! 

We are having solar panels installed on the house as our small way to increase the use of alternative fuels. I look at Bella's innocent smile and hope that together, we can make the changes necessary in time for our descendants to inhabit a liveable planet.

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