By Jamjar

There's not much to blip on a soggy Friday so you get a pan of ratatouille, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to have with it.

I went back to IKEA to double check on the table and chairs before I order online, and then popped next door to Decathlon. I bought a pair of mountaineering trousers, which fit nicely, and another pair of fleecy ones, aged 14-15 yrs, which also fit well. I know I'm not as slim as I was at that age, but perhaps they've adjusted their sizing to suit today's teenagers? The full zip fleece will have to go back though, I'm obviously a large not a medium... which is ridiculous!

I'd signed up for a Ramblers walk this evening but I've asked to be removed. The weather's horrible and the walk's only 3.5 miles, which isn't worth getting wet for.

And now I'd better turn the hob off!

PS there's a big spider in my dining room, which is okay because they eat other bugs and stuff, but how did the spider get in?

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