A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Thanks For The Grub

It’s been an odd day but all is pretty well post-yesterday’s second jab • As was the first, the process was efficient and quick. Like a well-oiled machine. The site where we received our shots will be closed down at the end of June. Mimi, the RN who administered the vaccine, said it still isn’t known if a booster will be needed. The latest data is showing the two-shot vaccines are effective beyond six months, and Pfizer is developing a combo flu and covid shot…we’ll certainly be monitoring their progress • MrsP’s arm is very sore today, much more so than the first one. Mine is about the same. We were wide awake very early this morning and after tossing and turning we decided to get up at 3:45am. By 1030am we were back in bed, but up again @ 1pm. Strange for us but all is okay! • After rain showers all morning the sun came out this afternoon. Our lawn was full of robins and starlings (pictured) exploring the grass for worms and insects. It was entertaining to watch! • Happy Friday to you, and enjoy your weekend :)

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