Hello Lovely Blippers,

Can you believe it’s Silly Saturday again?  If you are anything like the HCBs you have been complaining about all the rain we have been having just lately.  As Alfred Wainwright, the famous walker and author once said, “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”, so Mrs. HCB decided to make us all suitable clothing for going out into the rain from some old plastic bags - and these are not just any old plastic bags, these are Waitrose bags!  Of course, we had to make sure that she had suitable clothing on too but she didn’t have plastic bags - because that would have been even sillier! 

You can see how wet it was by the rain on the garden table so we needed an umbrella because we didn’t want to get too wet, so Mrs. HCB found her umbrella to put up over us and wouldn’t you just know it, it’s purple!  

We thought it would be a good idea to play on a see saw, so Mr. HCB found a large piece of wood but then we all had a job getting on it without it tipping too much, but we managed it in the end.  We do like living with the HCBs because we have so much fun with them.  However, it’s not quite as much fun when it is soggy, wet and cold, but we made the best of it and of course, made more memories for Silly Saturday.  We’re sure that Admirer, who started all this, would be giggling if she had seen us today.

We didn’t stay out for too long then we all came indoors and Mrs. HCB made us hot chocolate with marshmallows - well, we got so cold we needed something to warm us up and it was raining hard by that time anyway.  

With love to you all - have a good weekend, whatever the weather, but make sure you wear suitable clothing!

JH Ted, Tiny, Snowy, Penny and Hoggy xxxxx

P.S.  We know Mrs. HCB likes to end her Blips with a quote - we found this one and thought it was a good one especially as we like to do things on Silly Saturday in memory of dear Admirer - and it’s by the same man who talks about bad weather and unsuitable clothing!

“The precious moments of life are too rare, 
     too valuable to be forgotten 
          when they have passed; 
we should hoard them as a miser hoards his gold, 
     and bring them to light 
          and rejoice over them often. 
We should all of us have a treasury 
     of happy memories to sustain us 
          when life is unbearably cruel, 
               to brighten the gloom a little, 
to be stars shining through the darkness.” 
Alfred Wainwright

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