I decided to have a wander around the garden before we went to Church because I do like to document what flowers are blooming when and found all these beauties and more.

Going round my collage clockwise, top left is one of the pretty Violas I planted a couple of weeks ago and next to that is one of our Peonies, which came from Mr. HCB’s mother’s garden over 25 years ago, and which he has split a couple of times - thankfully it looks as if it has now established well.  

Underneath that is another Viola and then a self-seeded Marigold from last year - there are quite a few of these in the Carnation bed, and I think some of them will be removed by Mr. HCB to make way for more of his Carnations, many of which he has nurtured over the winter and are now ready to be transplanted.  

The pink Rose, which is against our blue fence, is one I bought from Wilko - in fact, all the plants purchased from there have been amazing and at a fraction of the price charged in many of the garden centres around.  I couldn’t resist the bottom end of a little bee, which was obviously enjoying the nectar from the Nectaroscordum and last, but not least, in the middle is a very dainty and beautiful Iris, nothing like the one I blipped last week, blooming in our pond.  We bought this plant about three years ago and it has never flowered, but this is obviously its year - and there are at least three blooms for us to enjoy.

So, all looking good and we have just been sitting out in the garden enjoying our lunch and the garden.  My neck is still very sore though, so I am still taking paracetamols and did put some Ibuprofen gel on this morning before Church, but it doesn’t seem to have done much good yet.  I let the hot shower run on it this morning and have also been doing some exercises to try and help - but perhaps I need a good massage!  Because my neck is so sore, it hurts when I type, so please excuse me if I don’t comment much but I will scatter stars and hearts where I can.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - it’s beautiful sunny weather here.

“Everything that slows us down 
     and forces patience, 
          everything that sets us back 
               into the slow circles of nature, 
                    is a help. 
Gardening is an instrument of grace.” 
May Sarton

P.S.  You may remember we walked down to the lake last week - when we went on Friday, I shot a video of the Swan with her cygnets and you can view it here, if you want 5 minutes of peace and tranquillity. 

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