Hello Lovely Blippers,

We couldn't believe it this morning when Mrs. HCB got up just after 6 o'clock and was dressed and out of the door on her way to Tesco, so she said, to buy groceries.  Now that is silly!

We said we would like to go with her and as Mr. HCB wanted to plant his runner beans, she said we could but we must be sure that we did as we were told and not get in the way.  I can report that we were all very good and even the lady on the till said how helpful we were when we loaded the shopping onto the conveyor belt.  Mrs. HCB was very kind and let a man go in front of her with only five things in his basket, and told him to "pay it forward" which he said he would do.

Mind you, a good example of being repaid for kindness, and very quickly, was that a man who pulled into the space right next to Mrs. HCB, when he could have parked anywhere else, was kind enough, when she asked him, to put all her heavy bags into the boot of her car.  

When we got back home we had a lovely surprise - while we were out doing the shopping, the HCBs' lovely postman, Lewis, was doing his round and delivered a postcard - but you will never guess who it was from!

You might remember back in January of this year, Gill and John, friends of Mr. and Mrs. HCB went to "Sidmuff", which is Devon and they found a donkey named "D'Artagnan", who wanted to become a member of the SSG.  They brought him back with them and he has been a valued member of the SSG ever since and of course, he helped us a lot today by carrying lots of things, but we changed his name to "Sid" because we couldn't pronounce his real name!  Now that's silly!

Well, Gill and John have gone down to Beer - what a name for a town - for a few days and while they were there, as it isn't far from Sidmuff, they went to visit the "real" D’Artagnan and he sent the postcard.  As soon as we got home, Mr. HCB came out waving it and saying that Sid needed to see it.  We were in the middle of getting all the stuff out of the car, but stopped to read it - well we tried to read it, but our French isn't that good.  Can you understand what it says?

Mrs. HCB says her French isn't that good either, but thinks it says something like, "Good morning my friends in the SSG - it's me, D’Artagnan.  I was very tranquil (!) today and ..... posed for my photo!" We can't translate the rest of it, so perhaps either Mojayjee or Rainette could help us out because we know they are both French.  Mrs. HCB wonders if we should all go to French classes, but that would be quite silly although it would probably make Admirer laugh!

You can see that there is a lovely photograph of the real D’Artagnan on the postcard, so we shall make sure we save this with our various treasures that we keep in a big box, along with the letter that came with D’Artagnan when he first joined us.

Hope you all have a lovely day and I think we might print off a postcard with all of us on it and send to the real D’Artagnan in Sidmuff - now that's a good idea - we will ask Gill for the address of the Donkey Sanctuary and send it off.

Hope you all have a great day.

Love from all of us in the Silly Saturday Gang xxx

P.S.  Please don't tell Mr. Tesco that we used bags from Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Morrisons and one from our Swiss friends - but I guess as long as the shopping is done there, he doesn't really care what bags are used!

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