Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Too late and tired to venture far for tonight's Blip, and the intended silhouette of a Blackbird singing away on top of this aerial didn't quite work. He'd other plans, and was off before I lifted the camera.

Busy day. Sunshine, hail and rain showers, with a cold NE breeze. The washing had a couple of extra rinses, but did eventually dry. Some work with the birds of prey man, and we figured out how to get the Sea Eagle nest camera working with a super sophisticated (i.e. complex) digital video recorder. Bicycle had a much needed wash, which may have been a waste of time, judging by Monday's forecast. Another soaking in store. There's been a few this past week. Other chores done, and even some weeding.

Failed to capture a different Blackbird photo earlier - a solitary youngster, that briefly rushed about, and then hid in various bushes. Surprised any have survived the recent cold and wet, along with too many crows and cats snooping around.

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