Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Well... it’s the same small boring room ...what to blip?  My new walker? Dinner? The hepa air scrubber ( put in for covid and not used that much so are being taken out...very noisy) I think you’d rather see Jen the floor nurse today.   She’s looking for my broken femur X-rays so she can snap a picture with my iPhone....she found them but I’ll spare you my pelvis.!   The extra is the lovely roses and airplane tats she has ..her favorite flower and some travel momentos.    Very nice very efficient very knowledgeable.   Walked down the hall, ( like everyone says,it’s very doable with that brand new metal femur head, ) dealt with the commode and chair,.I could be home....just a couple medical things to wind up and I think it will happen. Tomorrow.   Need a quiet place to get some sleep.

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