Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


I am making no comment as to the validity to the crown of Scotland of King Robert I (crowned 1306) but just about everything else about today's Blip is something of a fraud.

Granted, the above photo was taken in Stirling today, but there it ends. This is a popular view of the statue of King Robert I (the Bruce) from the esplanade of Stirling Castle, but I didn't visit the castle on my trip into the city this morning. Instead, it forms part of a mural on the walls of the Thistles Shopping Centre, which I did visit. It should also be said that today wasn't one of blue skies and fluffy clouds, but a day when the temperature hung around 10 degrees and it 'persisted' with rain all day.

Elsewhere, one might think I have reached six years of Blipping today, and the number of Blips in my journal would indicate that to be the case. However, today's six-year 'anniversary' doesn't take account of the fact that I stopped Blipping for about 18 months in 2015-16, having posted my first entry on 1st January 2014. 

The camera, like the Blipmonster, never lies. Aye right! 

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