By Hillyblips

Heads Up

Weirdly wonderful to look at head on and if I was a fly I'm sure he would be terrifying! 

This is the only British dragonfly that has eyes that do not meet on the top of its head.

Not ideal conditions for macro - blustery and lack of light but still great to find this male club-tail here on the banks of the Severn. Intrinsically both sexes look the same at first glance however the males have an indented hindwing and a distinct club shape on S8-9. When mature the yellow will turn pale green but these I'm seeing now are newly emerged tenerals all clinging on for dear life to the nettle leaves. I spotted 5 today as the morning went on so wasn't unhappy with that. 

The builders here are working in terrible conditions and my first job this morning was to shoot out to the local farm shop and get them a lemon drizzle cake and salted caramel and chocolate slices. They deserved it.

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