A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Buttercups in the sunshine.

We’ve had a busy day. Walking this morning through St Ives lower woods and then to the play park. It was fine but without sun it was cool. A swing, a slide and a snack in the little house before walking home. A good two and a half mile walk for Eda with no complaining.

After lunch and a nap for Jude Grace’s friend called round with her little one Lizzie. They played nicely together for about an hour despite the disparity of ages and when they left we headed to our village garden centre just as the sun was coming out. 

Eda went on her scooter and we stopped to admire the horses in the field on the way. The buttercups looked lovely in the sun especially in contrast to the dark sky over Bingley. I took a few shots but Eda decided to post fir me with her scooter as we arrived at the garden centre entrance so that I’d my blip.

Inside we had a few purchases to make but the main interest for Eda was the animals that are on show. Budgies, chipmunks, fish of all sizes and an owl plus Elvis of course. Elvis is quite a famous (infamous) Macaw. He’s huge and is kept here because of the problems he caused when he was loose around the village. I think Eda was pretty taken aback when he said ‘Hello’!

Luckily the rain from those dark clouds fell whilst we were inside and it was fine again for our walk home where Eda had a quick swing in the garden. Another full, fun and busy day. 

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