By seizetheday

Allotments with a sea view

An unexpected trip in to Berwick this afternoon!

MrM had an email from the NHS yesterday, inviting him to re-book his second Covid jab on an earlier date. So he cancelled his appointment in Whitley Bay for a couple of weeks' time, and managed to book one in Berwick, over 30 miles nearer home, for this afternoon. Excellent!

While MrM was having his jab, I couldn't resist walking to Ravensdowne, and climbing the steps past Lions House Allotments, always a joy to behold. Then a short walk along the walls as far as the, sadly, now derelict building that once housed the Learning Centre where I used to work. A lovely view from there across the Tweed estuary to Spittal Point and down the coast (extra). Back to meet MrM, who had been ready and waiting for a while!

Unlike Wooler,  grey and gloomy all day, it was sunny and warm in Berwick, and we spent a very pleasant hour or so walking along a different stretch of the walls, enjoying the sea views. Then fish & chips, eaten in the van, overlooking the Greenses Harbour. Lovely. We returned home, back to thick cloud cover, rather reluctantly. But the sunshine had been real tonic!

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