By spannarama


Had a brilliant sleep last night (much needed), but my god it was hard to wake up this morning!  Felt like I'd been drugged.  Once I eventually dragged myself out of bed I did start to feel a bit more awake, and the rest of the day was fine.  Very glad not to have to go into the office again for a while.

Lovely sunny day, but also a busy one - and I was still knackered - so I didn't venture outside today.  Grabbed a few phone photos of the lovely shadows (from our chilli plants) on the dining room wall, behind my little collection of cows this evening. 

Unpacked the suitcase of stuff I brought home from my trip to the office yesterday.  Quite pleased that it doesn't feel like I've added clutter to our flat (even though I probably have) - I found a place for everything.

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