Day 431 Oranges and lemons

The result may look like rather out of focus oranges and lemons but is actually produced courtesy of Violet's science experiment, where she created a variety of colours from the primary colours,.  This week's Abstract Thursday theme, set by our host Ingeborg, is Simplicity.  Keeping it simple is something that I find very hard to do when creating abstracts and this is as near as I can get!
In other news:  I met my friend C for a latish lunch today for the first time since last year.  By going a little later we found the restaurant quite empty, which made my friend feel safer and made it easier for me to plod about.  I am also lucky that currently Toby Carveries bring your plate and drinks to the table as part of the Covid safety procedures so I didn't have to struggle with carrying anything.  I was also pleased to see that that they do not insist io your scanning the QR code but can instead give them contact details for them to write down.  I have heard that a well known coffee bar chain insists that people can only scan the QR code to gain entry which of course excludes anyone without a smart phone and the app downloaded on it.

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