By Missycat

Day 66 Alternative perspective

Another day of sunshine and warmth, so again our walk to Linder's Field was taken early to avoid heat and too many people.  Yesterday we found 9 of the painted  rocks but today we only came across only two.  We added one for Violet as well.
My picture today features Peggy Sue yet again.  As soon as she sees The Son come out into the garden, she starts rolling around in a rather ridiculous fashion, in the hope that he'll play with her. The trouble is that she can't play'nice' for long: she fails to realise that we aren't coated with thick fur and those claws are rather sharp.
In other news: the Dominic Cummings saga continues and BJ took questions from the house for about an hour and a half where DC was the topic of most of those questions.  Whatever the rights or wrongs of the man's actions, I'm inclined to agree it's time to move on.
Apparently the new Track and Trace programme is due to start tomorrow at 9am, although many of the newly trained tracers have said it's not quite ready to go.  Whether or not it will bring the promised 'freedom to millions' remains to be seen.  The phone app is not yet ready to be launched and what take up there will be is debatable.
I heard this evening  that Violet will be going back to school next week but details will not be available until Monday.

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