By Missycat

Day 65 Early evening drinks

Yet another wonderfully warm and sunny day so we could spend lots of time outside.  We took our walk to Linder's Field quite early to avoid heat and people.  Sadly our frog life cycle observation seems to have come to an end as the little pond there has dried up almost completely and there was no sign of the tadpoles.  We can only hope that some of them made it to the far side of the pond where there was still some moisture.  Our alternative activity was to look for the painted stones that are now appearing here and in other forest locations.  There is a Facebook group now where you can post pics of stones that you've spotted and stones that you've painted to put out.  One of the group took name requests and a stone was painted for Violet, but so far we've not found it.
We've not really attempted the home schooling this week because unbelievably it's Half Term, although we had a session on magnets this afternoon in which most items in the house and garden were tested for magnetic properties.  After that it was time for cooling drinks, beers for the grown ups.
I managed to avoid the news for most of the day, which has been a welcome relief.  I did hear in a TV interview though, that dentists and tattooists will not be able to open for 'some time'.  I didn't see the speaker as I was in another room, but that one should be allied with the other beggars belief

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