By Dakers

Days Like This

Suddenly there is the likelihood of another warm sunny day. After some discussion over Breakfast, Pat’s suggestion of Dunkeld is given unanimous support.

The loosening of restrictions now means we can venture out of Fife.

It is several years since we visited Dunkeld. It is a fine town with a fine Cathedral, in various states of repair. It straddles the River Tay and is surrounded by fine hilly countryside.

We arrive to find the town busy, however we park the car, and after a quick look at the various shops we head toward the Cathedral and take a walk through the Arboretum.

The various trees are verdant with fresh foliage and many trees are equipped with information boards about the tree and its place in Arboreal History.

Photographic Opportunities are in abundance. This is a wonderful place to walk around and to experience Spiritual Uplift.

Pat and I agree that this is such a wonderful place to be.

The Arboretum is also bounded by the North Bank of The Tay.

I managed to take nearly 60 images on my trusty iPhone and have put up a couple together with one which has a painterly effect added to it.

Upon returning to the car we enjoyed a picnic made by Pat and then headed off to Persie near Blairgowrie using the A923 which is a very twisty road passing through wonderful countryside and the Loch of Lowes Nature Reserve.

Persie is a Distiller of Gins which is highly regarded by Pat and other gin enthusiasts.

Naturally upon our return home Pat made a gin cocktail using Persie Dog Gin. It was pretty tasty.

She also let slip that we now have some 60 Bottles of Gin in our "cellar". How did that happen?

Of course, Pat has been exchanging gin ideas with her various fellow enthusiasts who all happen to be Ladies of a Certain Age.

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