Basic or Advanced?

I wonder what the difference between Basic and Advanced Editing is.

I uploaded today’s Blipfoto using the Basic Editor, selected the thumbnail, wrote some text, and then published.

Back came the orange band with "invalid dimensions". Strange.
I selected the Advanced editor and published the same photo, but with no choice of thumbnail, and no indication of progress.

This fern which sits to the side of the door is now making remarkable progress unfurling itself, no doubt, encouraged by the copious amounts of water I shower it with each evening.

Depending upon how the day develops I may add to this note.

Enjoy your day.

Not really surprised to notice that BoJo prefers the survival of DomCum to the 66 million people living in the UK.

I also received a telephone call from the Medical Centre Practice Secretary to answer a fairly detailed list of questions designed to ensure that I fully understand why I am being Shielded and that no conditions have changed and are not likely to change any time soon.

I have no plans to change anything or go anywhere, and I suspect that will be the case until a vaccine is developed.

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