By Freyjad


The Magpie was actually very tired looking, his feathers not at their best and I think he was hungry too, when he found the peanuts he called to his mate and she swooped down straight away.  I suppose at this time of year with a family to bring up the adults get worn out.  I haven't much else to report today,  it's been quite dismal and seems more like Saturday than Friday.

I've been writing emails trying to get a refund for air tickets which we should have used last January;  back at the beginning of November 2020, I was promised the refund in 180 days but 180 days has now come and gone.  We're not optimistic, but I bought the tickets on my credit card so I suppose I should ask them if they can do anything.

Enjoy the weekend Blippers, and as ever thank you for stopping by.

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