By Incredibish

The well persuaded match.

Wow what a change in the weather - again. After yesterday's gorgeous sunny day in which parts of incredibish were ritually exposed to the Sun, today needed extra layers. A day in the garden though, helping mistress with the heavy stuff despite my back absolutely killing me, and an unexpected call.

Predictably, it being a Bank Holiday weekend, the southbound motorway was at a walking pace from Birmingham to Exeter. Cheryl had taken Ivy to Sudley Castle to see the elephants, and was stuck in the thick of it, so diverted across to us.

We played weddings. It wasn't always bridge and groom, sometimes it was bride and bride, groom and groom, and once bride and wolf... we had fun setting up scenes in the dolls house Janet's dad made for Charlie some twenty years ago.

In this scene... well, the wolf has been supplanted and isn't happy about it. The groom's not a keen replacement and is being threatened by the bride and harangued by the prospective mother-in-law. The baby who may have pre-empted this day is on the table and no-one else has a plate as the groom gets his just desserts...

In other news, as the extra shows, we have survived No Mow May. Soon we will have to explore how high the mower blade can be set.

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