By JeanSnaps

Starling scrum.

Blue skies and warm, WARM, sunshine this morning.  Put bird food out and chatted to Emma.  Found it was Courtney's birthday and that it had been disrupted a little bit so told Emma I would put a prezzy through the door.  Nothing startling. An out of print story of a kitten going on a mystery tour in Fife.  I'd had no plans for today except to do nothing strenuous which was good as I didn't have a birthday card or any wrapping paper.  Found an old Royal Mail envelope for the book and tarted up a photo of Courtney with a frame and hearts to stick on it.  Did have photo frame cards so the birthday card was more straightforward.
While doing this I noticed that the fat balls I'd put out this morning had disappeared.  The RSPB claimed they were very popular and they were right.   I put out some more and the starling scrum descended so lots of photos.    
Did some exercises as I think I could do with strengthening my legs, back and balance but otherwise lay about reading and waiting for a delivery of geraniums.  Eventually went round to the pharmacy to collect my prescription before they closed and came back to find the delivery van in the street but not for me.  Maybe tomorrow.   The fat balls are completely gone now. The RSPB have a special offer on at the moment so I think I'll take it up but I'll be rationing what I put out from now on.  I noticed a jackdaw sitting on the fence eyeing the scrum, 

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