Everyday Life

By Julez


For a while I've noticed this web and the way the light catches it. I have never seen its creator fortunately! Today it is my Blip as I'm running out of potential subjects. I had a few more ideas but they required space, effort and the right light.

Today I felt pretty ropey most of of the day due to yesterday's migraine. Fellow Blipper Pandammonium wrote recently about the condition of Postdrome, which is like a migraine hangover which can leave you feeling drained, foggy-brained and with a sense that you are sleepwalking. I'd not heard of it before, but I had definitely had it and wondered whether it was the migraine or its medical remedy that causes it. I'm quite glad to know now what it really is. And if I was going to have this, today's as good a day as any since I can't go anywhere and have nothing spoiling. 

Tomorrow we are officially released from captivity! A bit of shopping and maybe a walk in the park are on the cards! I don't intend going far. For me at least - poor old Brian has to go back to work!

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