Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Bear is a huge but gentle dog. In fact he is a real gent. He puts up with Flora's antics. She adores him and he tolerates her. He must be hot in his big coat. Bear is a Newfoundland and he lives along the road. He was rescued from a not very good situation a year or two ago. His coat wasn't always this glossy and well groomed.

There was work in the community orchard and flowerbeds today but I was working at the desk. I had to read through and correct the transcripts of the interviews I did yesterday. It's all done electronically and it's so fast but there are always some strange bits that have to be checked against the recording or my notes. For 'policeman' read 'placement' and such like.

A good walk this afternoon in warm weather. Home to eat in the garden tonight.

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