horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


A wee bit sad to be leaving North Uist, but Harris is a pretty good consolation. This isn't our ferry, which was altogether smaller, and consequently, for Covid reasons, we weren't allowed to leave the car. Fortunately one of the first boarded meant we could at least see the sky, and got treated to a Peregrine (acting very weirdly, constantly diving and climbing) as we approached Leverburgh.

Our home for the week has a stunning view out south and east, so we get to see the ferry arriving to Tarbert, something Mel particularly likes seeing. This is the MV Hebrides, fresh from Uig on Skye, before heading on to Lochmaddy on North Uist, with Skye in the background looking like a painting.

Managed a walk south from Northton along a favourite short coastal section, seeing Lapwings galore (and their chicks in some instances), and just resetting to a slightly different landscape for the week.

Lapwing chick and view from our cottage in the extras....

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