By dunkyc

Know How

The prep work yesterday had been worth doing as this morning I was able to get the car packed, fill it with food and brood before heading off at bang on 8.30am.

We had a great drive down South with the “In The Heights” original cast recording playing, followed by a little jazz and Motown before rounding the journey off with a little Young MC, which The Youngest in particular really liked.

The threatened Bank Holiday traffic never materialised and so we were enjoying tea and games in the parent’s garden shortly after 1pm. The children were in the hot tub in the blink of an eye and we spent a very nice afternoon catching up and playing with the frisbee m’boy had brought along. The wee ones seem to have mastered it pretty well.

All of these activities were helped by the glorious weather we were treated to. So good was it, that I had to put some cream on my freshly shaved dome lest it be “burnt to smithereens” as Simmo was predicting.

I’ve mentioned before that the garden is something of a blipper’s paradise, particularly now when there is plenty of life bursting through. This bright pink be-tentacled flower (octopus plant?) caught my eye in the natural light.

It’s the evening now and I think we’re all feeling the burn after a long, but fun day. We’ve even more to look forward to tomorrow with a visit to a MAHOOSIVE boot sale on the cards and the arrival of my sister, brother in law and awesome niece.

Weekends (particularly long ones) kick ass. 

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