Keith B

By keibr

Tulip and Forget-me-nots.

Shelling mentioned that at this time of year everything seems to speed up.  I can only agree, after another day of intensive labour in the garden, shifting a couple of cubic meters of soil and creating my highest raised bed so far. Gardening seems to be a race against time with so many jobs calling for attention and only the time to do maybe half those jobs.
Just now we have lovely weather and beautiful flowers but rarely sit (or even stand) and enjoy these gifts from nature.
To counteract this I’ve started taking a walk around the garden before breakfast. I do no work, I just wander around and look and listen. Then we eat breakfast outside, also giving us a chance to appreciate the garden we have created. And then it’s off to work, heads down for the hard graft…
As you probably understand I am not a natural gardener. Real gardeners seem to enjoy the process of gardening - they actually seem to enjoy weeding. I do not. I feel a sort of duty to at least maintain the garden to the standard it is, and I do enjoy looking back at the end of the day and seeing what I’ve achieved.  I also get a kick out of seeing things I have planted pushing their way through the soil. I like building things - new roofs, or raised beds. So it’s not as if I hate gardening, but I am not a natural gardener…
However, I do enjoy looking at these gorgeous tulips!

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