By Beinghere

Ma, Pa, and The Weans

We didn`t get out for our walk today until the afternoon, because Geordie was over-excited.  Gary came to cut the grass, and he always plays with Geordie, and, of course, Geordie loves him.  So by the time Gary left Geordie was pretty wound up.  Then he heard children playing at the house across the road and was convinced one of them was Maggie, so got even more wound up.  When I shouted him in to get his harness on for his walk, he wouldn`t come in and wouldn`t let me near him.  There was no point chasing him round the garden trying to catch him because he would have just turned it into a game, and I couldn`t  have caught him anyway.  He gets so full of adrenaline that he can`t think straight.
I just pottered around for a couple of hours until he came in.

When we finally got out we went to Gillingshill Nature Reserve.  It was a good choice.  There was no one else there when we arrived, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the trees were in full foliage, and there were bluebells everywhere.  When we got up to the reservoir I was excited to see the swans, then even more excited when I saw they had six beautiful wee bundles of fluff out with them.  They swan across fairly close to us so I was able to get some shots.
On our way down from the reservoir I met Janice and Mary Anne relaxing on a seat and enjoying the sun.  I blethered to them for a wee while, putting the world to rights, before moving on, and making our way back to the car.  

Geordie was perfectly well behaved on our walk, returning to me each time I called.  I suppose you could say our day was one of two halves!

Extra is a shot of the plants growing in the water of the reservoir.

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