Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I seem to have worn out all of my boots and wellies during lockdown so I headed into town for the first time since before Christmas to secure some new footwear.

It made a change to be in an urban environment so I wandered around some of my old haunts to see what was going on. One new initiative has been several pieces of stencil street art featuring local notables - this one shows Barry Roots who ran a record shop and is a DJ and musician. The artist is Stewy.

It was fairly quiet in town. I hadn't intended to go in many shops but did have a look around out of curiosity. And as I'd popped into Waterstones it seemed only polite to pause for a coffee in the cafe. Small things that we used to take so much for granted.

On the whole it was easy enough to socially distance, except in the queues for tills - while you can regulate how close you are to the person in front there is little you can do about the people behind you.

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