Summer - at long last

I couldn’t choose what to share after my walk last Thursday and decided on a celebration of the start of summer.  I experimented with multiple exposure using my Canon camera and I deleted them all.  What it did teach me is that I needed to learn how to make a few basic changes to my settings while looking through the viewfinder (rather than fumbling for my glasses each time).  The buttons on the Canon R have very different functions to the ones I am more used to on my SLR.

I walked a bit further than usual, which felt OK as I wanted to check out the field where I know there are `Ladies Smock’ growing in profusion (it reminds me of childhood walks with my mum to a field near Wentbridge). The field is full of them but there were no sign of Orange-tip butterflies but only, what I took to be green-veined whites (but they were moving too fast for me to get a proper identification).

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