Female Orange-Tip Butterfly

The highlight of our walk around the field edges at Pye Flat Meadow.  I’d spotted the Milk Maids/ Ladies Smock plants and just said that these were plants favoured by Orange-tip butterflies, when GG spotted one on this plant.  They are very small and well camouflaged in this kind of environment.  I suspect she’ll do something more arty with hers. So time spent getting in touch with BT when I came home as my internet wasn’t working, apparently an area problem, but it’s back on again now.

It’s just over a month since I went looking for them on the hillside above where I live.

A morning visit to Penistone to buy fruit cake from Tracey at The Country Market, followed by a visit to Barnsley Hospital for a Lumbar Bone Scan and then a meet up with GG and Buddy for lunch at Cannon Hall Garden Centre, which was very good.

Disaster struck in the greenhouse while I was away.  I'd left the door open and it looks like a pheasant came in to pick up seed from the floor and I’m guessing a cat followed. Some of my plants were knocked over and I discovered a pile of pheasant feathers in the far corner of the greenhouse - no body though.  Maybe the cat carted it away.

I’m just sitting now!  I had to take some Ibuprofen when I can home but its been a good day ... and the sun has shone.

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