By AnneILM60


After the long holiday weekend it was back to the normal routine today.

I started off by being at the post office when it opened so I could drop off the packets I had ready to go to both my Mum and my niece.

I then went to to Hudson’s so I could get fertilizer for the palm trees as they were looking a touch yellow.

After lunch, I was feeling extremely fatigued and as much as I wanted to fight it, I needed a nap. So I picked up a book I had gotten from Birgit and lay down to read.

I was fast asleep when Kent called to check on me and make sure I was napping! :D Now that I was fully awake I continued to read and got well and truly ‘stuck’ in the book.

When Kent got home I was still there, nose in the book reading away and I continued to read until the book was finished! I finished the book just about the time we normally go to bed!

I had spent the whole day reading. It was a book by Andrew McCarthy, whom I had met while he was here filming “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

Take care of yourself and each other XX

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