horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Well that was a mite chilly

Headed up to Lewis today, to one of our facourite corners where we've stayed 3 times in the past. Beyond Uig Sands, away from the 'crowds' (crowds in Hebridena terms, we could see about 30 people across the waters), to a little headland we've walked around numerous times from the front door of a couple of cottages.

In the end the water was just too inviting. Though frankly it was bloody cold....

Had an interesting hour or so chatting to the owner of the Isle of Harris Brewery in Borrisdale as well., I'd only gone to pick up an order I'd arranged last night, but it was a particularly enlightening chat in a lot of ways. Really nice guy and, as it happens, two beers in, a very good brewer.

For the second day in a row sheep make it into the extras.

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