An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bluebells at last!

I started the day very grumpily.  

Some linen trousers I had ordered online arrived.  Yay!  That made me happy.  Well I was happy till I tried them on.  Why oh why oh why is it, if one is of the curvy persuasion, manufacturers of linen trousers assume you must be at least 9 foot tall!  They were ridiculous!  Return to sender!

Then a call came that made me forget all about being grumpy.  It was the lovely sales lady at the mobility place to say my electric wheels have arrived!  Woo hoo!  We have things on tomorrow so won't be able to go and collect them till Friday morning but at least it means I will have them in time for going away on Saturday.  
After lunch D went for a haircut and I went to my art table to start packing the materials I want to take on holiday, only I got distracted by the sunflower painting I started yesterday and since I already had the colours prepared, I carried on with that. As usual, two hours went by in the blink of an eye!  

Then I turned to the bluebells D and brought in from our little bluebell patch in the garden.  They're in full bloom at last and smell amazing.  One sniff and I was transported back to the bluebell wood I played in as a child.  Two sniffs and I actually felt as though I should be skipping home to get my school bag sorted for tomorrow.  It's amazing how evocative certain scents are.

Alan's car is now fixed so he's back on the road again.  The team are happy as the hire car is enormous....more of a van!  

Watched the second part of the Great British Photography Challenge.  It's certainly better that the horrendous Masters of Photography programme, but that's not hard.  

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