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Cows and cow parsley

Mum was still very wobbly this morning (see yesterday) and I decided to stay at home rather than go walking. It was a lovely day and the walkers had a good time.

I did some knitting and watched some of the Hay Festival. I enjoyed Benjamin Zephaniah talking about his book Windrush Child. He was so engaging in the way he spoke and recounted tales from his own childhood. (He was born in Birmingham, but his mother had come from Jamaica two boats after Windrush.) 

Mum's friend Kathleen, from the chapel, called after lunch. I took the opportunity to go out. I need to find all the people whose photographs of mine are going in the Humshaugh Book of Covid. I found two and they agreed, despite both thinking they look too wrinkly!!

These cows are in buttercup strewn field less than a quarter of a mile from my house. They looked very happy with water and lush grass. There was also a swathe of cow parsley growing along the lane. You can just see a few plants in this image.

Mum feels a bit better tonight, although the infection in her eyes is very slow to move and her nose is very uncomfortable.

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