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Things may not be quite as you expect

There has been a bit of this around today.

This morning was home as hairdresser and ironer extraordinaire. (I like ironing so I don't know why I accrued a great pile over the last week, and one of Mum's vests has gone missing in wash!!) That was all straightforward.

After lunch, I set out to Acomb to see if the Martagon lilies are flowering. I have never seen as many cars there. The little parking space takes 3 cars and there were 6 more jammed into a much needed passing place. Lorries go on the very narrow road (and I met one). There is a sign that says No Parking. Has everyone gone mad?

I left the area and drove up the road to Hadrian's Wall.

This is the uncompleted wall ditch to the north of the course of Hadrian's Wall. It is called Limestone Corner and is famous because the Romans could not move the stone here. They had to divert!

It is not limestone, but the quartz-dolerite whinstone which is very hard. Don't ask me why this is called Limestone Corner.

The air was still and it was very hot. The clouds were quite odd and appeared to be in monochrome to the west. 

"It's going to rain" I commented to the couple with their dog who came by. He produced his mobile phone, checked the weather app and said it would be in 2 hours time. 

After less than one minute the first large raindrops fell. I went back to my car and drove home. The rain was light and ineffective at first, but now we have our first proper rain since the Covid crisis started. Now THAT is good news!

I listened to Martin Jarvis reading the first two of the Just William stories from last week's radio. Tonight Mum and I watched the last of Grayson Perry's Art Club. It's been such fun. I then watched Charlie Waite showing photographs of Jordan. I might like to go there one day.......

Life in the time of Covid 19
Dominic Cummings is still in post. 

Gordon Brown has entered the arena with advice about the economy. 

The rioting in the USA is being sensitively reported here. I'm glad to hear some intelligent reporting and comment.

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