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By walkingMarj

Primary colours

The yellow does not show up strongly, but the poppies are on the edge of a field of oil seed rape just close to our village.  I walked there this afternoon and did a quick circuit via Keepershield Farm and Hetheridge Farm

It all depends on whether you think there are three or four primary colours.

For me, the most important thing is not to overexpose the red.....

This morning  I was up early to finish off my presentation on Myanmar. I made it by the skin of my teeth. The presentation was on the laptop at 1000. I  jumped into the shower at 1010 and was just connected with Zoom for the 1030 meeting.

The most unnerving thing was to have no response from the audience. I removed the thumbnails of the people watching because I could see if they got up and wandered about (rather than hangin on my every word!!). It was distracting. There was no audible response to my (terrible) jokes.  Anyway, I got through and people seemed to like it

Mum and I watched The A Word. We are still catching up so no spoilers please.

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