By MsQuizzical

We're Not Yellow

My daughter, thinking positive last year, booked a track day at Snetterton in Norfolk. Today was the day. 

When I arrived her car was in the paddock with the bonnet up. Not a good sign. On the sighting lap it had been running rough and losing power. She decided to take it out again to see if the problem would resolve itself but soon returned. (Queueing in the pit lane in her Silverstone in extras.) I immediately thought it could be the coil packs as I've had similar issues with my blue S2000. People we spoke to thought that too or maybe faulty sparking plugs.

I persuaded her to take my car on track. (Queueing in the pit lane in my yellow in extras.) I love to see it driven as it was designed to be. Insurance doesn't cover track use so it's a bit of a risk but I like the excitement of living a bit dangerously sometimes. 

We very much enjoyed our day in unbroken sunshine. Fortunately there was a nice breeze. A man, who she knows from the gym where she teaches aqua-aerobics, was there with a friend. They are both track driving instructors and the friend passengered with her and gave her some instruction. She and I are both advocates of instruction, it makes such a difference to one's performance and enjoyment.

Unfortunately vantage points for photography were cordoned off because of Covid regulations. Spectators were not allowed, I went as her mechanic/essential helper.

My main image is our cars and me reflected in my daughter's sunglasses.

PS I was half asleep when I posted this late last night and originally put Snettisham instead of Snetterton. Silly me.

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