By Viewpoint


A quick camera trip into the garden yesterday afternoon to take an image for the day.  I had in mind the Iris Sibirica (in extra) as it’s just coming out in flower but I might photograph it again today.  I seem to be spoilt for choice at the moment and I’ve got all kinds of dead and dying flowers from my birthday to choose from.  I was also focused on selecting some of my bird images from my trip with Steve Race yesterday.  Not that I had lots of time to play.  Tai Chi in the morning, I still can’t quite get through a full session but my right ankle is getting more mobile and stronger and I can balance a bit on it now - it still swells up though.  Lunch with my brother and then a quick trip to the Coop to buy some more fruit for my breakfast this morning followed by a video chat while I drank some coffee.  My energy levels always seem to dip in the afternoon these days but then come back a bit later.  And finally my first evening outing to an actual meeting with the working group for the Parish Newsletter.  We actually met in the village hall where there is enough space to distance ourselves from one another and we did wear masks and have the doors open.  I have to say it feels good to be talking to people again (even if some of them are deaf and haven’t managed to get their lost hearing aid replaced!). My role is to do the layout and design, but I think I was able to contribute a few ideas too.

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