Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Mall walk

We did a mall walk today with Diane. G had an early lesson in school, so picked us up after she finished. My blip is of Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall. None of us had been in this section for over a year, and we all agreed that it is pretty spectacular. We even spotted a row of locals queueing up to get into a very popular cafe. I have never seen that in Dubai before, let alone in the posh section of a mall!

Back home for the afternoon. We'd had a late coffee, so no lunch. Then it was time for Awana Awards night which went well. I guess we'll miss seeing those little faces peering at us from the other side of the screen!

We went straight into T@3 and then I had a one-to-one session on Zoom trying to help our current SA officer set up a microphone. It proved a bigger challenge than we could manage in the limited time I had. Dinner called...

And now, it is nearly midnight and I must switch off. So glad it is the weekend.

PS. There seemed to be a problem with the image when I uploaded it late last night. It showed as a black square! All sorted now.

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