Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Barrage Panorama

Year 2 Day 71 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK Vaccine 177 days ago. England & Wales open. Minor restrictions.

Someone I trained back in 1989 contacted me and we met up for a coffee talking about old times. It was complimentary to hear her tell me when she had a dilemma she thought to herself "what would Bob do?" A small world, she's now going to work for the MOD Police in Bristol on CID under my cousin John who's in charge!

I travelled on to my dad in Penarth, Cardiff. I tried for twenty minutes to get in, shouting - ringing the bell, banging, and phoning, but he was out the back and couldn't hear. Rather than wait I went into Penarth for an hour and on return he let me in!  The blipfoto is from St Augustine's Church (extra) looking over Cardiff Bay and the barrage. As usual, a bird flew in!

W-I-D-E  Wednesday Challenge

This weeks theme is 'colourful'. I had fun choosing and came up with the following I liked....

1.   AnnieBelle                       Shopfront
2.   SeriousFrolic                  Newton Night
3.   isbi                                   Toilet Block
4.   Steveng                            Graham's Garden
5.   DonnaWanna                   Tree

Honourary Mentions

a)  GoranZebhur                  Lake Sunset
b)  Frani                                 Flowers
c)  CowgirlCarol                    Long Lupins
d)  PixelPixie                          Inks
e)  NickyR                             RHS Wisley

Thanks to all who tagged entries to keep the challenge competetive and viable!

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