An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Every time I say bluebells David starts belting out the chorus of this!!:-))

And so headed off to Edinburgh to the mobility place arriving there at 11.30am (no traffic holdups. Yay! :-) The sales woman had the chair all set up, charged snd ready to go. Just a quick whizz round the showroom in it to check it was fully functional and I was still happy with it, then into the back of the car and back home again. Woo hoo!!

This will be a very different holiday for us given the increased mobility the chair gives me. Much less drive-by shooting with my camera and more get out and explore. Exciting!

This is also the longest holiday we’ve had without Alan. He of course isn’t in the least bit fazed as he and the team have lots of plans, especially now his car is back on the road.

I have to say I’m not fazed either. I know he’s in good hands so I can relax and not worry. And if for any reason we are needed, we’re not a million miles away.

I’m blipping early today as A. I have something to blip early in the day, and B. I’m now continuing packing, which will hopefully be done and dusted by dinner time, when we will get dinner from our favourite local deli and the holiday will officially begin.

That’s the plan anyway. The reality is more likely to be still packing at 9pm, whilst eating pizza and discovering clothes I want to take that need ironed! :-)))

I’m aiming for the former as I’d quite like time to give myself a quick manicure.

So you get my bluebells that I finished painting yesterday. Extras show the three stages and the mounted painting. I think this is probably the loosest painting I’ve done and the first one where I knew when to stop! And it’s reminded me again how much better (and more enjoyable) it is to paint from life than from a photograph. No gorgeous scent from a bluebell photo!

Right, these bags won’t pack themselves so best get on. See you later or if not, see you tomorrow from the Scottish Highlands! Woo hoo! :-))

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