By karenmace25

A rainy Christmas in June!!

So today we finally got to see my brother and his family for the first time in 10 months!!! The downside of having teachers in the family, them catching Covid before Christmas, full weekends of the kids sporting activities & everything else life has thrown in our way since last August!! And the plan was to head to the beach..... the weather decided otherwise as it rained  ALL day!! 

That also led to the M25 being a nightmare for their journey but did allow us longer to nip to the shops - in the rain! - to stock up on lunch food as the plan was to eat out so that had to change!

But we have all had a brilliant day catching up and exchanging Christmas presents!! The kids have really shot up in their teenage years so I'm beginning to feel very short! George is a typical boy in not wanting his photo taken, but luckily I got a sneaky smiley shot of Chloe! We had an epic Uno card playing session too so that was fun having people to play against again!!

They've headed off back home now - it's still raining! - and hopefully it won't be 10 months until we see them again!!

Also got an email about my camera repair - of course the damage isn't covered under the warranty so it's going to cost £150 to put right.... eek!

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