Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

A wet Friday in Sussex

The blipfoto site was "down" on Friday evening so I was unable to post my blip. So I'm posting this on Saturday.

Friday........ Mike arrived first thing to collect me and take me to Haywards Heath. The plan was to drop me off there and he would return to get me in a couple of hours or do. BUT it was raining heavily so we decided just to go back to Becky and Mike's house and wait till the rain eased. B & M were working from home so I just amused myself.

They stopped for a lunch break and Mike went for takeaway sandwiches. Then back to work for them and hanging around doing nothing much for me.

Around 3pm the rain eased a bit so I headed off walking to the shopping area of Burgess Hill. I bought a book in a charity book shop and had a look round Peacocks. I was pleased to find a Peacocks open as the branch in Gateshead where I used to go a lot closed down last year. I bought a long sleeved top which I put on immediately as I felt cold.

Still raining when I set off back to B & M's but it began to stop as I reached St John's church so I had a mooch around the churchyard. That's where I found all the flowers for my collage. It's an interesting churchyard with lots of angel statues and maritime themed gravestones. (See my Extra photo)

Back to B & Ms where we had coffee and watched a couple of episodes of Pointless. Mike went to the chippy later and returned with fish and chips. Later on he drove me back to the Premier Inn.

Steps today 8,368

Hopefully today (Saturday) the sun will shine and we can enjoy some time at the coast.

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