By seizetheday

Gorse through the gate

A bit more de-cluttering - merely the tip of the iceberg, but the rest will have to wait a while - and some filing. And MrM and I took a little time out this morning to have coffee sitting in the sun in the 'yard. Exciting, eh?

Late afternoon, MrM set off to go fishing with a friend. I had a quick bite to eat, and a  chat with Tom on the phone, before walking up to the Common. Thought I'd avoid most holiday makers and dog walkers by going quite late in the evening, and I did, but nor was there any wildlife to be seen. Not even the barn owl. But it was glorious - birds singing their hearts out, and wild flowers in profusion. And the smell of gorse flowers was heavenly.

(A huge amount of gorse on the Common either side of the track and on the banks, but this is a slightly more interesting shot than a sea of yellow gorse flowers - looking down over Glendale, with the rape in flower.)

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