By seizetheday

Kielder sunset

Today's plan of action, to finish the wallpapering in the hall, was doomed from the start! But the day was much more enjoyable than had we stuck to it...

After a late start, and spending what was left of the morning tackling some household chores, we had a late lunch. Then a surprise visit from Jacqui and Fletch. Lovely to catch up with Jacqui, and by the time they left, neither MrM not I could summon enthusiasm for DIY.

MrM suggested a trip out in the van for a change of scene, so we meandered through some fabulous scenery in Northumberland, the Scottish Borders, and Dumfries & Galloway, stopping for a 'van tea' near Hermitage Castle. On the way back home, and MrM stopped the van by Kielder Water for a quick Blip of the sunset.

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